Starting a Family – Birth

We guide you through your pregnancy, child birth, and beyond..

  • Confirm pregnancy and expected date of delivery
  • History and examination
  • Complete initial routine investigations
    • Full blood picture
    • Blood group and atypical antibody screen
    • Syphilis serology
    • Rubella titre
    • Hepatitis B surface antigen
    • Hepatitis C antibodies
    • HIV antibodies
    • Random blood glucose (if mod/high risk of diabetes)
    • Midstream Urine
    • Chlamydia screening
  • Counsel and offer first trimester screening at 11 to 13 weeks
  • Discuss alcohol, smoking, diet, exercise, back care, minor discomforts, and illicit drug use and its effect to your pregnancy and to you.
  • Refer you to specialists if it’s necessary and arranging to follow up your hospital visits

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