Dr. Aweys Omar

Dr Aweys Omar had graduated in 1986 from the Somali National University. He completed
further training in surgery and became a General Surgeon. Dr Aweys Omar was the chief
surgeon of Digfer, the largest teaching hospital in Somalia.
He had made his way to Perth, Western Australia in 1997 where he commenced further
training in his medical field. He managed to also complete his master’s in public health from

Curtin University while he was working in various hospitals to gain experience across the
many specialities in Australia.
Many years later he had decided to focus on family medicine as a General Practitioner,
giving him over 30 years of experience. He had made his way to gain his title as a Fellow of
the Royal Australian College Of General Practitioner because he was so passionate about
helping families in Western Australia.
Alongside his career achievements he has always been an active member of his community
as well as other various communities giving him a well-recognised title as a compassionate
and caring doctor, husband, father and friend.
Between the years 1999-2000 Dr Aweys Omar was the president of the African community
in Western Australia. Within his community he is always first in line to cater to those in need.
He’d managed to be the founder of his own charity work that is based in Somalia that aids
the orphans and send those children to schools. He had also contributed in the building of
many wells as tough times in Somalia had made Dr Omar uneasy knowing he could help.
Special Interests:
-Family medicine
-Complex Medical Care
-Multicultural health
-Aboriginal Health
-Travel Medicine
-Geriatric Medicine
-Palliative Care
-Aged Care
-Minor surgeries
-Women’s health
-Respiratory Medicine
-Mental Health
He also is fluent in Somali, English and Italian.

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